The 10 best bars in Barcelona (…and why you should visit them all)

Barcelona, a city renowned for its beaches, cuisine, weather, and vibrant culture, is bouncing back after the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdowns eased, the city’s bars embraced a phased reopening, first with terraces and later opening their doors to indoor areas. It’s now the perfect time to rediscover the city’s charm, reconnect with friends, and raise a toast to new beginnings.

Below, we present a curated list of 25 bars across historic neighborhoods like the Gothic, Marina, and Born. These bars stand out for their unique charm, inviting terraces, budget-friendly prices, rooftop views, Irish tavern aesthetics, diverse cocktail offerings, and delectable tapas.

1. 33|45

Situated where the popular It Café used to be, 33|45 captures the essence of Barcelona’s nightlife. Known for its vintage seats, numerous sofas, and a casual atmosphere, it’s a favorite among those who appreciate cocktails, laughter, and beats of experimental electronica.

Location: C/ Joaquín Costa, 4 – 08001, Barcelona

2. Solange

From the creators of Tandem Cocktail Bar, Solange exudes vintage elegance, drawing inspiration from James Bond’s sophistication. Famous for its classic cocktails without modern embellishments, it offers a refined setting for those seeking a stylish evening.

Location: C/ Aribau, 143 – 08036, Barcelona

3. Negroni

Undoubtedly one of Barcelona’s hottest spots, Negroni stands out by eschewing a menu. The staff at Negroni takes pride in decoding each customer’s palate to craft a unique drink. With a bohemian ambiance, it attracts artists, writers, musicians, and the city’s creative minds.

Location: C/ Joaquín Costa, 46 – 08001, Barcelona

4. Guzzo

A classic choice, Guzzo offers a blend of lunch, dinner, live music, and cocktails. Tuesday jazz jam sessions, Wednesday terrace after-work gatherings, and Saturday musical vermouths make Guzzo a perfect starting point for the night’s adventures.

Location: Pl. Comercial, 10 – 08003, Barcelona

5. Dr. Stravinsky

Considered by many as Barcelona’s best cocktail bar, Dr. Stravinsky, tucked away in El Born, boasts an extensive list of cocktails designed by the renowned Antonio Naranjo. Its quirky decor, including distorting mirrors, adds to the allure of this must-visit spot.

Location: C/ Mirallers, 5 – 08003, Barcelona

6. Ale&Hop

For those with a penchant for beer, Ale&Hop is the ideal destination. Nestled in the heart of El Born, this enchanting spot features 10 operational shooters, each showcasing a rotation of diverse beers from around the world. If you find yourself undecided, entrust Ale&Hop’s adept staff to guide your taste buds through a delightful beer-tasting journey. To enhance your experience, indulge in their tempting vegetarian tapas – a decision you certainly won’t regret.

C/ Basses de Sant Pere, 10 – 08003, Barcelona

7. Polaroid Bar

If your quest is for high-end and sophisticated cocktails, Polaroid Bar may not be your destination of choice. However, if you seek a homey ambiance, this is the place to be. True to its name, the walls pay homage to 80s relics such as instant print cameras, vinyl records, and VHS tapes. Grab a beer for just one euro at the bar and witness a diverse crowd warming up for vibrant Barcelona nights. If you crave the buzz of a bustling night, then Polaroid Bar is the perfect setting.

C/ Còdols, 29 – 08001, Barcelona

8. L’Ascensor

For a refined cocktail experience amid a classic setting, L’Ascensor beckons you. Nestled in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter, this establishment retains its original personality, offering a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Unwind on classic-style sofas with a reddish hue while savoring a cocktail prepared with utmost care. Unlike venues with super-loud music, L’Ascensor is an ideal spot for private conversations, whether they be serious or for leisure. The timeless charm of the bar ensures a high-quality experience.

Address: C/ Bellafila, 3 – 08002, Barcelona

9. L’Ovella Negra

If we were asked about ONE bar to go to in Barcelona before going to a club, we would always recommend L’Ovella Negra. It’s… not a classic, but even more. It is a must, a place of worship for the master brewers of Barcelona. L’Ovella Negra is a macro-brewery of large dimensions, long tables and high ceilings. Beers, drinks, a little dinner, music and noise in the background, and you’ll be ready to go to the disco you choose (Razzmatazz is just five minutes away by foot). Ah! And its prices are not expensive at all. Hard to sell it better, right? Address: C/ Zamora, 78 – 08018, Barcelona

10. Senyor Vermut

Many people think it is the pa amb tomàquet or the patatas bravas, but the truth is that one of the most popular hobbies of Barcelona is the weekend vermouth. Whether on Saturday or Sunday, going to Senyor Vermut at the time of the vermouth is a real odyssey. In that apparently harmless corner of the left Eixample, you can find one of the best vermouths in Barcelona (if not the best). Obviously, if you prefer to opt for a beer or any other type of drink, Senyor Vermut will satisfy your needs. Even if you have a strong appetite, you can try any of its many types of croquettes, its pimientos del padrón or its… yes, patatas bravas.

C/ Provença, 85 – 08029, Barcelona

Explore the diverse offerings of these handpicked bars, ranging from beer havens to cocktail lounges, each contributing to Barcelona’s rich tapestry of nightlife. Whether you’re savoring a cocktail in a vintage setting or enjoying a beer in a homey atmosphere, Barcelona invites you to rediscover its vibrant and eclectic bar scene. Cheers to new beginnings in this resilient and spirited city!

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