Nightclubs for Tuesday, October 31

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Step into the night at Opium, where Halloween takes on a surreal twist this 31st of October. The glamorous beachfront venue transforms into a ghoulish playground, with eerie decorations and spine-tingling beats that will have you dancing till dawn.

Pacha Barcelona invites you to an otherworldly Halloween celebration on October 31st. Expect a night of mystical vibes and enchanting costumes as the famous club turns into a magical realm, blending music and magic seamlessly.

Get ready for a night of opulence and extravagance this Halloween at Bling. The club is set to dazzle with its glitzy and glamorous Halloween soiree, promising a night of unforgettable memories filled with sparkle and style.

La Biblio promises a truly haunting experience this Halloween. The library-themed club will be transformed into a haunted house, complete with ghostly decorations and spooky surprises, making it a night of spine-tingling fun.

Downtown Club in Barcelona offers a unique twist on Halloween this year. Step into a realm of urban fantasy on October 31st, where the city comes to life in a way you’ve never seen before. It’s a night of creative and artistic expression.

Go Beach invites you to a Halloween beach party under the moonlight. On October 31st, the sandy shores come alive with wicked tunes and beachy vibes, ensuring a night of dancing and fun beneath the starry sky.

Travel back in time this Halloween at Twenties. The club will transform into a speakeasy from the 1920s, where flapper dresses and gangsters collide for a night of vintage glamour, dazzling cocktails, and a roaring good time.

Duvet is set to create an atmosphere of sensuality and mystique this Halloween. Their dark and seductive theme on October 31st will leave you entranced, making it the perfect setting for a night of allure and intrigue.

Razzmatazz, Barcelona’s legendary club, presents a Halloween extravaganza on October 31st. With multiple rooms and diverse music styles, it’s a spooky night where you can explore various musical realms while celebrating in eerie style.

Apolo invites you to their Halloween Masquerade Ball, a night of enchantment and mystery on October 31st. Embrace the darkness and dance behind your mask as the club transforms into a surreal and captivating world.

Jamboree takes on a supernatural vibe this Halloween night. On October 31st, the club offers a spooky mix of jazz and hip-hop, creating an unforgettable fusion of musical genres to set the stage for a unique Halloween experience.

La Fira Villarroel invites you to a sophisticated Halloween soirée with a touch of eerie elegance. On October 31st, the venue will be adorned in subtle yet creepy decor, offering a refined escape from the usual Halloween chaos.

At Costa Breve, Halloween becomes a tropical paradise on October 31st. Enjoy a night of exotic and eerie fun as the beach-themed club takes a spooky twist, combining the best of both worlds.

Sutton transforms into a high-end Halloween palace this October 31st. Expect an extravagant night with lavish costumes, exceptional music, and a touch of magic, making it a Halloween celebration like no other.

Shoko presents a Halloween celebration with a touch of Eastern mystique. On October 31st, the club’s stunning views of the beach create an enchanting backdrop for a night of spooky surprises and electrifying beats.

Shoko presents a Halloween celebration with a touch of Eastern mystique. On October 31st, the club’s stunning views of the beach create an enchanting backdrop for a night of spooky surprises and electrifying beats.

Input takes a futuristic turn this Halloween night. On October 31st, the club becomes a portal to another dimension with its cutting-edge music and lighting, ensuring a night of high-energy revelry.

Ocean offers a Halloween escape to the deep sea this October 31st. The club’s underwater theme will immerse you in a world of aquatic fantasy and eerie delight, providing a night of aquatic adventures.


Slow Club sets the stage for a laid-back yet spirited Halloween celebration on October 31st. Expect an intimate atmosphere where you can groove to eclectic tunes and savor the night’s simple pleasures.

Les Enfants Brillants

Les Enfants invites you to a Halloween masquerade filled with charm and mystery on October 31st. The club’s unique atmosphere and stylish costumes create a night of elegance and intrigue.

Can Massaguer

Can Massaguer invites you to an immersive Haunted House experience on October 31st. This historic venue transforms into a chilling maze of dark corridors and mysterious chambers, promising an unforgettable night filled with thrilling surprises and haunting music. Get ready to be spooked!


Jaraneo offers a Halloween escape to the world of folklore and imagination on October 31st. The club takes on a whimsical twist, promising a night of creativity and cultural celebration.


La Terrrazza promises a rooftop Halloween experience like no other on October 31st. With breathtaking views of the city, the club offers a night of open-air enchantment and musical magic.

city hall

CityHall turns into a haunted mansion this Halloween, welcoming guests to a night of spine-tingling excitement on October 31st. The club’s eerie décor and bewitching beats make it a place to get your scare and groove on.