The 12 most unusual activities in Barcelona

Everyone wants to go to Barcelona for the weekend! But if you also want to discover unusual or original activities in the Catalan capital, you should know where to go. From Picasso to the great architect Gaudí, Barcelona is full of mysteries and many other secrets. Have you decided to take a trip to Catalonia? Do you fancy tapas? Discover without further ado our top 12 of the most unusual activities in Barcelona! In the program of the Catalan capital an unusual version? Discover what the Flotarium is, admire different forms of art and more surprises await you! Original and unusual visits that will make you see this beautiful city from another perspective.

Rest in the Flotarium

You need to relax? Why not try the Flotarium? This therapeutic treatment is offered in Barcelona! Immersed in a capsule you can lie down in water and 320 to 360 kilos of salt. Deep relaxation guaranteed after a few hours of walking to discover Barcelona.

Eat in a hidden restaurant

Do you like mysteries? Go eat at Chi-Ton Fusion! The showcase? A gift shop, but your nose won’t betray you: a secret restaurant hides behind the shop! Delicious cocktails, cooking with fresh products, an unusual and culinary experience that should not be missed.

Visit the Moco Museum

You are going to discover unusual works of art! At the Moco Museum in Barcelona you will find strange and wonderful works by artists of yesterday and today. The first MOCO museum opened its doors in Amsterdam in 2019, in a mansion on Museum Square that had belonged to a Dutch noble family. In Barcelona they have reproduced the experience by installing the museum in the former residence of the Cervelló family, in the Ciutat Vella, next to the Picasso Museum. Discover the works of Banksy, Dalí, Warhol and Lachapelle, taking center stage alongside other brilliant works by lesser-known artists.

Live the Gaudí 4D Experience

As part of the Gaudí Experience 4D, you’ll manipulate digital interpretations of the artist’s works, then settle into a movie theater chair to be transported into his mind. Discover how the world has shaped his creations, while your seat moves and you feel the wind on your face. It’s an awesome experience!

Visit the gallery of illusions

A gallery with scenes, famous people like Dalí and much more! This gallery has the peculiarity of playing with optical effect! So you can take a photo for quirky memories or for your future Facebook profile photo! Additionally, you can choose a professional photographer to offer you beautiful photos.

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